December 4-5, 2014 in Mexico City

Keynote Speaker: Eduardo Mendieta
featuring invited talks by Cynthia Willett and Achille C. Varzi


What do philosophers have to say about urban life?
Can they help solve the challenges of today’s urban environment?


Building on the success of the 2013 conference in Brooklyn New York, the 2014 meeting in Mexico City examines these questions in an international, 21 st century, globalized and fully urbanized context. We welcome presentations in any area of philosophy of the city. Topics of interest include:

  • Ÿ What is “Philosophy of the City?” 
  • Ÿ Is “Philosophy of the City” philosophy for the city?
  • Ÿ How long should Rosa ride? Ethics of commuting and transportation
  • Ÿ Architecture & urban aesthetics
  • Ÿ The city, polis and demos in the history of philosophy
  • Ÿ Big data, surveillance and social epistemology
  • Ÿ Is mold the new lead? Justice and urban public health
  • Ÿ The intimate limits of local democracy
  • Ÿ The Capabilities Approach in urban planning
  • Ÿ Spatial Racializations of the urban: slum, sprawl, street, and ghetto
  • Ÿ International law and the global city
  • Ÿ City identity: understanding, framing and context
  • Ÿ Decolonizing cities
  • Ÿ Community management and energy policy
  • Ÿ Participatory budgeting and planning
  • Ÿ Ecological challenges for built environments
  • Ÿ The relevance or irrelevance of citizenship in future cities
  • Ÿ Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist city council member
  • Ÿ A just, sustainable future
  • Ÿ Emerging issues: climate change, emergency responses and future cities



Send abstracts of 150-200 words to Shane Epting , at by September 15, 2014 . Accommodations for presenters needing earlier notifications for travel/funding requirements will be made. For these cases, please submit as soon as possible. The “official” language of the conference is English, but presentations/submissions in Spanish are acceptable.

Para preguntas en español, por favor contacte las siguientes:

Luis Ruben Diaz Cepeda
Doctorante en Filosofía Moral y Política
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana- Iztapalapa

Víctor Manuel Hernández Márquez
Cuerpo Académico 82, Estudios Filosóficos de la Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez



Confirmed Speakers 

Keynote Speaker : Eduardo Mendieta
featuring invited talks by Cynthia Willett  and  Achille C. Varzi .


Confirmed Sessions



Conference Location & Registration

Casa Rafael Galvan
Zacatecas No. 94.
Col. Roma Norte, C.P. 01000
Del. Cuahutemoc, Mexico, DF.

* Please send questions concerning registration to Shane Epting .

* Members of Community-Based Organizations are eligible for free admission. For more details, please email Shane Epting .

Registration fees are as follows:

  • All Full-time Faculty: $75 ($78.62 w/service fee).
  • Graduate Students, Part-time and Adjuct Faculty: $25 ($26.87 w/service fee).
  • Mexican Nationals: $200 MX.
  • General Admission (non-academic): $50 ($52.74 w/ service fee).
  • UAM Students:  Free .
  • Pre-Approved Community-Based Organization Members:  Free  - Email Shane Epting  for registration.


Hotel Reservations

Casa de la Condesa
Plaza Luis Cabrera No. 16 (Entre Guanajuato y Zacate-Cas)
Col. Roma Norte, C.P. 06700
Del. Cuahutemoc, Mexico, DF.

(5255) 5574-3186
(5255) 5584-3089



  This conference is brought to you by The Philosophy of the City Group and sponsored by: